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Hello and thank you for your interest in our company. If you are here, you most likely are interested in getting information about replacing or repairing your gutter system. Here you will find information on seamless gutter systems and related components, the industry and a path to getting a free estimate for the work you require. We specialize in the repair and installation of seamless gutter systems and related components such as but not limited to, wood replacement of all types, aluminum trim, siding repair/replacement and gutter protection.



In recent years it has become increasingly difficult to replace an existing
gutter system without having to replace at least some fascia board.
Unfortunately, in most cases rotten or damaged fascia board is hidden
behind the gutter making it difficult to give an accurate quote let alone
stay on schedule. When budgeting for any home improvement project, unknown damage can be frustrating because of the unexpected cost and delay in completion of the original project. Some of the reasons that fascia board rots out behind your gutter are due to lack of maintenance such as cleaning of debris and sealing of leaks. Sometimes fascia boards are
incorrectly installed and are not primed or painted leaving bare wood
vulnerable to the elements.
At A.M.G. GUTTERS & DOWNSPOUTS we have tried to take the guess
work out of your seamless gutter system investment with our
In this package we will remove your existing gutter system, evaluate your
fascia boards and any related components. Any wood that is loose, rotten
or broken will be removed and replaced with new wood of the same
species and dimensions. Any exterior wood that we replace will be primed and painted all four sides for maximum moisture resistance. Because installing a new gutter system over fascia board that is not sealed properly decreases the longevity of your new gutter system we will scrape, prime and paint the existing wood to match. If the existing wood rots because it’s
not protected from the elements not only will it be costly to replace the wood but any gutter that has to be taken down may have to be replaced at additional cost.
Water always wins, poorly maintained gutter systems can cause severe damage to your home.
Even if you have aluminum trim over your fascia water can find its way in through spike holes.
Some times severely rotten fascia can cause interior components to rot as well, such as rafter tails.
This job was double trouble having layered fascia and aluminum trim that needed to be replaced.
50 feet of gutter, aluminum trim, fascia and sub-fascia installed complete with GUTTER-GEAR.

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