Wood Replacement (fascia)

We offer professional wood replacement.

There are many reasons the wood your gutter system is
installed on may not be suitable for re-installation of your new
gutter system.

  1. The wood behind the old gutter system has been exposed to
    moisture causing it to rot.
  2. Your old system was installed using spikes and ferules and the
    wood has been split or broken.
  3. Previous wood replacement was not done by a professional and
    is not installed properly causing it to be loose with a great
    chance that it will with any weight from snow, ice or debris fall off
    the house. (some times after a new roof has been installed
    especially if sheathing has been replaced the fascia board is left

When we install any new wood we use only quality materials
that match your existing construction.

  • We prime and paint all four sides to match your existing color. Using Sherwinn Williams products computer color matched to your existing paint only you and your installer will know the wood has been replace.
  • Some construction styles were designed for speed of build not
    factoring on future repairs. (fascia boards are nailed to roof
    sheathing before shingled and soffit leaving no need for rafter
    tails to be uniform in length) When replacing fascia boards
    under these circumstances rafter tail extensions must be
    installed to meet the fascia for a strong long lasting installation.
  • We use hot dipped galvanized nails for a strong professional appearance that will last for decades without rusting. (screws should never be used as
    they are heat treated and tend to snap under stress unlike softer more flexible nails)
  • We always try to find the best top quality pine, cedar and
    plywoods available. (pressure treated wood should never
    be used as fascia board
    or under aluminum trim/gutters as
    it will have a chemical reaction with aluminum causing it to


Drip edge should always be at least 1/2″ away from the fascia and
should never touch  to ensure the water goes in the gutter and not
behind. A good rule of thumb is if you can fit your fingers between the
drip edge and the fascia board you have enough clearance. This a
common problem and can be rectified by installing custom drip edge/drip edge extensions. By leaving the existing drip edge you will have a
built in stop that in most cases give you just the right clearance.